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Jan. 2023 - Present

April 2022-December 2022

May 2019 - December 2019

IMS Technologies |  Video Editor / Video Tech 

  • Assist Director of Creative Design with corporate messaging for clients through Video Editing, Video Animation, Graphic Design, Media Management, and other Visual Media. 

  • Focus on delivering pre and post production edits in forms of videos, highlights, and stream recordings. 

  • Media management responsibilities making sure clients and production managers are satisfied with post production recordings and edits of LIVE events & projects. 

  • Highly skilled with video processes such as video recording, webcasting, and signal flow.

  • Ensure IMS live events are prepped for clients and equipment is functioning within the given deadlines.

  • Trouble shoot, fix, and maintain equipment to ensure our clients are provided with professional level functioning experience.

  •  Communicate effectively with and support Audio & Lighting Departments

Philadelphia Phillies | Phanavision, Video Services

  •  Worked on the media team that enhances the A/V experience for fans at Phillies home games. 

  • Implemented camera and control room operation skills in a fast-paced LIVE environment. 

  • Duties ranged from camera operator, control operator, and field engineer. 

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia | Video Production Team 

  • Worked within Internal Technology Services department at the bank.

  • As a part of the Video Production/Training Team, I contributed to the creation of internal media content for diverse projects within the bank

  • Completed projects that included graphic design, shooting, editing, and producing professionally sound projects for departments across the bank. 

  • Collaborated on additional internship responsibilities within the IT department, encompassing software and hardware support tasks for other bank employees and clients. 

Skills & Expertise

Graphic Design:

  • Proficient in HTML and CSS language.

  • Highly skilled in creating graphics and images for marketing and advertising use.

  • Great at creating Vector Images that can be used across websites and the digital arena.

Video Post Production and Editing:

  • Experienced with industry-standard software, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve.  

  • Adept at enhancing visual aesthetics through color correction and grading. Can transform raw footage into cinematic visuals by adjusting tones, highlights, and shadows.

  •  Familiar with integrating motion graphics and visual effects to add dynamic elements to videos. Comfortable in Adobe After Effects for creating engaging title sequences and animations.

  • Organized workflow management, from importing, logging, and organizing media assets to exporting the final edited videos in various formats while maintaining quality and efficiency.

  •  Effective collaboration with clients, directors, and teams.

  • Skilled at incorporating feedback to refine and perfect the final edit, ensuring client satisfaction.

.Licensed Drone Pilot:

  • 3+ years of experience as a licensed drone pilot, executing successful missions across diverse industries.

  • Specialized in capturing data and footage for real estate, insurance, construction, and 3D mapping purposes.

Innovative Approach and Career Growth:

  • Motivated to stay updated with the latest innovations and best practices in video production, consistently seeking opportunities for professional advancement.

  • This is just a condensed version highlights, skills, and expertise making it easy for you to quickly grasp my capabilities in various areas of video production, live event support, and drone piloting.





Temple University

  • Klein College of Media and Communications

  • Assisted Temple Athletics during the Fall of 2021 through Spring 2022 semesters in their control rooms and with live sporting events streaming on ESPN+.

  • Graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in the Spring of 2022

Community College of Philadelphia

  • Completed Associates in Applied Science degree in Digital Video Production focusing on development of practical skills in areas of editing, filming, and production

  • Created content segments and programs for the College's CCPTV Cable Broadcast Channel as a part of course work. 

Robert Morris University

  • Completed two years of study in Cyber Forensics focusing on computer hardware, interfaces, and software coding.

  • Played on the ACHA D1 Men's Ice Hockey Team

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